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01.Damiana herb [20g]
02.Blue Lotus herb [10g]
03.Marihuanilla herb [20g]
04.Mugwort herb [20g]
05.Lions Tail herb [20g]
06.Passionflower herb [20g]
07.Juicy E-Herbs for Vapes and E-Cigs (Nicotine-Free)
08.Lion's Tail 25X resin [1g]
09.Blue Lotus 25X resin [1g]
10.Wormwood 5X extract [1g]
11.Earth Impact smoking mix [50g]
12.Blue Lotus 25X resin [3g]
13.Lion's Tail 25X resin [3g]
14.Kanna 10X resin [1g]
15.Damiana 10X Resin [10g]
Damiana 10X Resin [10g] $25.00

Natural health product - traditionally used as an aphrodisiac, natural pick-me-up, or for relaxation.

This natural purified resin of Damiana (Turnera diffusa) from Space Herbs is made to ten times the natural strength of the herb by weight, so you don't need to take as much.

Space Damiana 10x Resin dissolves in tea, wine or vodka, or makes a delicious hot drink with Milo or hot chocolate. Space Damiana 10x Resin can also be mixed with your preferred smoking herb.


  • Drunk before bed relaxes one for lovemaking and promotes pleasant dreams (sometimes erotic)
  • Damiana was used as a tonic upon the sexual organs and the central nervous system
  • Damiana was also said to be an excellent kidney tonic and a natural antidepressant
  • Damiana is said by many users to be a pleasant relaxant that generally elevates their mood.


  • Tea: one teaspoon of Space Damiana 10x Resin steeped (not boiled) in a teapot
  • Smoke: Many of our customers say they get the best effect by smoking some in a waterpipe along with drinking the tea at the same time. We think it's the best tasting of all the herbs and makes a great addition to other herbs too
  • Damiana Love Potion: steep one teaspoon of Space Damiana 10x Resin in two cups of water for five minutes, sweeten with honey. Try drinking each evening for two weeks.

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 17 June, 2015.
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