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01.KiwiCanna Blue - Hemp Protein Flour 1kg
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11.Marihuanilla herb [20g]
12.Vaporite Spare Whip
13.Raw Unrefined Hemp Rolling Papers Kingsize
14.Raw Hemp Tips
15.Quick Light Charcoals (roll of 10 - 33mm or 40mm)
16.Lions Tail herb [20g]
17.Vaporite Emerald Portable Herb Vape Kit
18.2 x Quick Fix synthetic urine FREE SHIPPING
19.Nakhla disposable mouth piece (x3)
20.Vaporite VR001 Solo Herbal and Aromatherapy Vaporiser
21.Wild Lettuce [20g]
22.Raw Unrefined Hemp Rolling Papers Single Wide Double
23.Raw Organic Hemp Rolling Papers Regular 1.25
24.Passionflower herb [20g]
25.Quick Fix PLUS synthetic urine
26.Raw Unrefined Hemp Rolling Papers Regular 1.25
27.KiwiCanna Blue - Hemp Protein Flour 4KG SPECIAL
28.Pure Hemp 1.0 papers
29.CE4 Refillable E-cig by Vaporite
30.Raw Organic Hemp Connoisseur Regular Papers plus Tips
31.Vaporite Spare Screens (5-pack)
32.Hemp Twine 200g Regular 2/2.5 (2mm approx)
33.New Hemisphere NZ hemp seed oil 250ml
34.Farmers HoneyBlend smoking mixture 50g
35.Raw Organic Hemp Rolling Papers Kingsize
36.AirisTech Viva Portable Herb Vape
37.KiwiCanna Red - Hemp A-Grade Protein Powder 1kg
38.Hydro Electronic Cigarette (USB starter kit - No Nicotine)
39.3 x Quick Fix synthetic urine FREE SHIPPING
40.Hempstore SharpTooth Ice Grinder 4pc 55mm
41.2 x Absolute Detox Drink by Spectrum Labs FREE SHIPPING
42.AirisTech NOKIVA Portable Herb Vape
Fake Raw, OCB and Smoking Papers HEADING_TITLE

How to spot a fake!

DECEMBER 2016 - We recently became aware that fake versions of several brands of 'premium' rolling papers are being distributed in New Zealand.

The fake papers are:
Raw King Size Connoisseur Rolling Papers
OCB Organic Hemp Kingsize Slim
OCB Kingsize Slim + Filters
Smoking Deluxe Kingsize + Filters
Smoking Brown Unbleached Kingsize + Filters

Although labeled "Made in Spain" or "Made in France", the counterfeits are made in China. They are labelled organic, natural and unrefined hemp, and carry a fake Forestry Stewardship Council stamp. They are none of these. They are most likely made of shoe tissue paper, with a glue made from rendered down animals. Since the paper is not made for human consumption, it could contain anything. Using these fake rolling papers could be very bad for your health. Saving a couple of dollars isn't worth it!

It is fairly easy to spot the fake papers when compared to the genuine article. The paper feels crinkly, the printing looks off and the colours are not quite right. There are also several spelling mistakes or missing spaces between words that you can look for.

Selling counterfeit products is not only ethically wrong, it violate NZ law and puts the seller at risk for serious criminal and civil penalties. At The Hempstore everything we sell is authentic and direct from the original manufacturers - from our rolling papers to our vaporisers - but some shops just sell the cheapest crap they can find. If you come across the fake rolling papers, please contact us or the manufacturer HBI at +001-800-420-4372. HBI even offers a reward for information.

How to spot fake Raw papers

Fake Raw papers sometimes do not have a starter sheet
Fake Raw papers feel crinkly with a mediocre watermark and bad burn rate
Fake Raw papers on the side are missing the space between Leaves and Per ("LEAVESPER")
Fake Raw papers inside the cover are missing the space between a and blend ("ablend")
Fake Raw papers inside the cover are missing the space between moisten and gently ("moistengently")
Fake Smoking Deluxe inside the cover says "Slow bunning"
Fake Smoking Deluxe along the pack spine says "The only with special die cut"
Fake Smoking Brown inside the cover has a space missing between the word paper and the bracket, ie "Ultrathin paper(13gr/m2)"

Here are some other ways to spot the fakes:
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Fake Raw, OCB and Smoking Papers
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Sea Shepherd HempHoodlamb Mens Ruderalis Hat
Sea Shepherd HempHoodlamb Mens Ruderalis Hat
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KiwiCanna Blue - Hemp Protein Flour 1kg
KiwiCanna Blue - Hemp Protein Flour 1kg
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Promises Hemp Rose Facial Serum
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