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15.Quick Fix PLUS synthetic urine
Guide: Harm Reduction HEADING_TITLE
While no drug use is safest, if you are going to use anything, make sure you know how to look after yourself and your friends.

Please take a few moments to read this Cannabis Harm Reduction advice from NORML, the health effects of cannabis, and NORML's Principles of Responsible Cannabis Use:

Cannabis Harm Reduction
Principles of Responsible Cannabis Use
Cannabis Health Effects

Synthetic cannabis harm reduction advice from The STAR Trust:

Synthetic cannabinoids are structurally different from THC (the active component of cannabis) but act in similar ways to affect the cannabinoid system in the brain. We donít know much about the health effects of synthetic cannabinoids. There is a lack of research to report on the effects of synthetic cannabinoids.

Some reported effects of synthetic cannabinoids include:
* a similar effect to smoking cannabis
* fast and irregular heartbeat
* relaxation
* euphoria
* rapid pulse rate
* racing thoughts
* delayed reaction time
* dry mouth
* lowering of inhibitions
* dizziness

Health professionals and synthetic cannabis consumers have reported that negative effects of synthetic cannabinoids can include:
* anxiety
* rapid heart rate
* tachypnea (rapid breathing)
* nausea
* heart palpitations
* paranoia
* hallucinations
* racing thoughts
* tremors
* hallucinations

Negative symptoms generally last no longer than 3-4 hours, with no remaining adverse effects in most cases. Younger consumers are more at risk of negative side effects.

People with pre-existing mental health conditions appear to be particularly negatively affected by synthetic cannabinoids. Mixing drugs and alcohol with synthetic cannabinoids can create unwanted side effects.

Just like cigarettes, alcohol, cannabis and other drugs, taking synthetic cannabinoids every day can lead to dependence.

Getting Help

If you have any concerns about your own or another person's use of social tonics, the following contacts can help:

* Alcohol & Drug Helpline 0800 787 797
* Community Alcohol Drug Service (CADS) 09 845 1818 or 03 476 9760
* Lifeline 0800 543 354

Useful websites:

* Webhealth
* New Zealand Drug Foundation
* Sorted
* The LowDown
* Alcohol and Drug Association of New Zealand has a directory of local services available.

To Report an Adverse Reaction or Incident

Either talk to your doctor, who can file an incident report with the Centre for Adverse Reaction Monitoring, or call the National Poisons Centre on 0800 POISON (0800 764 766) or see Tell them what you have taken including the brand name and any other substances including alcohol or medications.
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Kanna 10X resin [1g]
Kanna 10X resin [1g]
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Box of 12 HempSan Hand Sanitiser (50mL x12)
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