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01.Pipe Screens 5-pack
02.Filter tips
03.Vaporite Spare Whip
04.Juicy Jays flavoured papers
05.2 x Quick Fix synthetic urine FREE SHIPPING
06.Raw Unrefined Hemp Rolling Papers Kingsize
07.Quick Fix PLUS synthetic urine
08.AirisTech Viva Spare Mouthpiece
09.AirisTech Herbva Viva Portable Herb Vape
10.AirisTech Herbva Nokiva Portable Herb Vape
11.Raw Unrefined Hemp Rolling Papers Single Wide Double
12.Vaporite VR001 Solo Herbal and Aromatherapy Vaporiser
13.2 x Quick Clear detox drinks by Spectrum Labs
14.Quick Light Charcoals (roll of 10 - 33mm or 40mm)
15.Raw Organic Hemp Rolling Papers Kingsize
Guide: Vaporite HEADING_TITLE

Supplementary Owner's Manual 2.1
VR001 Solo / VR002 Twins / VR003 Hyper / VR007 Nano

Please read The Vaporite instruction manual first. This page provides additional information based on The Hempstore's extensive inhalation technology research programme.


1. The Vaporite is a passive hot air unit that works as you inhale. The exact temperature will vary, depending on what you are putting in it, the temperature and humidity of the room, etc. To start, switch the unit on and adjust the temperature so the display reads around 280-300 degrees F (140-150 C).

VR001&2 (Solo & Twins): The red light on the front of the unit will glow as the element is heating up, and will switch off once it has reached the specified heat level. The red light will occasionally switch on or off, as the thermostat operates.

VR003 (Hyper): The unit will "beep" when it is ready to use. The fan will turn on, assisting you to inhale, and soon after causing the temperature to drop, giving you time to refill the chamber, and be ready for the next beep.

VR007 (Nano): The light will blink when the set temperature is reached, indicating the vap is ready to use.

VR008 (6th Element): A green light will be on when it is heating, and will blink when it has reached the set temperature.

2. Chop up your herbs using a grinder - the finer, the better. Put a pinch in the whip's glass chamber, at the end marked "HOT". Use enough so it covers the screen, but not so much that it will touch the heating rod. Experiment to find your ideal amount. Don't tamp it down. When the unit has reached the set temperature, gently insert the whip and take a long slow draw. If this is not effective, raise the set temperature by 10 degrees and try again. Experiment with different heat levels to find what is best for you.

3. A light, long, inhalation is best. Sucking harder draws the hot air though the herbs more quickly, giving resins less time to evaporate. The vapour is almost invisible but you should see some wisps of it swirling in the glass chamber. The herbs are done when the vapour begins to taste cooked, like toast or popcorn. Gently tip the herbs out (don't tap the glass end against your ashtray!). They should be dry and crumbly.

IMPORTANT: Any browning or burning of the herbs, or smoke or tar build-up in the hose, indicates burning and is an incorrect use of the appliance. Turn the temperature down and try again. If used correctly, no tar will form in the hose.

CAUTION! The heating rod and the whip's glass chamber (both marked HOT) can get very hot with sustained use and should not be handled directly.

CLEANING: if used correctly the Vaporite will not produce any tar and the whip and screen will never need cleaning. If you want to clean the whip, swirl some isopropyl alcohol or meths around and through it. The stainless steel gauze (screen) is intended to be permanent. If you do need to change it, soak the plastic hose in hot water to loosen it from the glass, and remove the existing screen. Insert a chopstick into the hose end of the chamber, to act as a "backstop". Push in a fresh screen from the end marked "HOT", using the chopstick to stop it going through.

SPARE PARTS: Whips, mouthpieces, and heating rods are available. Please call or visit if you require any.

6 Month Warranty

Although perceived results may vary, the Vaporite is guaranteed to work as intended and be free from manufacturing defects for a period of six months from the date of purchase. If it malfunctions, return it to us at the address below. Should the unit have malfunctioned within 1 month of purchase, we will provide a free replacement, or if that is not possibly a refund. If the unit malfunctions within 6 months of purchase, we will at our sole discretion provide a replacement, or repair it, or refund the purchase price. This Warranty does not cover "acts of God", incorrect use, owner abuse, malicious destruction, commercial use, or anything outside of a mechanical failure incurred with normal personal usage, and excludes any parts that normally wear out with usage.

Retain your sales receipt as proof of purchase. Please record your details here:

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Your address or contact phone:
Model purchased:
Date of purchase:
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29 Victoria Street East, Auckland | email |
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Vaporite VR001 Solo Herbal and Aromatherapy Vaporiser
Vaporite VR001 Solo Herbal and Aromatherapy Vaporiser
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