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Hempstore SharpTooth Ice Grinder 4pc 55mm $34.90

Our Sharp Tooth Ice Grinder is designed in New Zealand. Use frozen for best results.

  • Four piece - includes pollen screen and brush
  • Regular 55mm diameter
  • Made from aircraft grade aluminium
  • SharpTooth design features extra sharp teeth
  • Notches around the edge for easy grip
  • Silicone ring for smooth action
  • Laser engraved with The Hempstore shield

While the Hempstore Sharp Tooth Ice Grinder can be used at room temperature like other grinders, we recommend keeping your Hempstore Sharp Tooth Ice Grinder in the freezer so it's cold when you use it. Cold temperatures increase the effectiveness of the cutting teeth, shattering rather than ripping or squashing your herb, making for a fluffed up mull, a smoother burn and more flavoursome taste. It also reduces the stickyness of any herbs, making pollen collection and cleaning a breeze.

  • Available in Black, Silver, Blue or Green

Available Options:
Hempstore SharpTooth Ice Grinder 4pc 55mm
This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 02 July, 2015.
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Hempstore SharpTooth Ice Grinder 4pc 55mm
Hempstore SharpTooth Ice Grinder 4pc 55mm
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