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01.Vape Globe for e-solids waxes or herbs - Ceramic or Steel Nail
02.CE4 spare tank (clearomizer/atomizer)
03.Kanger Dual Coil Replacements - 5pk
04.Kanger Single Coil Replacements - 5pk
05.Kanger EVOD Tank (clearomizer/atomizer)
06.Smiss eLuv spare tank (clearomizer/atomizer) for e-liquids
07.Vaporite E-Liquid Tank 2-Pack for CE4, Platinum etc Kiln Ceramic Donut Atomizer
09.Kanger EVOD Battery 650mah
10.eVod/Mt3 spare tank (clearomizer/atomizer - Generic)
11.Vaporite USB Charger - for CE4/Emerald/Platinum/BudyPenPro
12.Kanger EVOD Battery VV 1000mah (Ego Twist)
13.Kanger USB Charger
14.GS Tank for Temp Control Batteries
15.Kanger EVOD 2 Dual Coil Tank (clearomizer/atomizer)
Kanger EVOD Battery VV 1000mah (Ego Twist) $45.00

Kanger's Variable Volt battery

The most advanced Kanger variable voltage vaporizer to date, the EVOD VV Battery has a versatile Ego thread and will work with any EGO/510/CE4 thread capable cartomizer, clearomizer or tank system, including all Kanger Clearomizers and Protank Series Tanks, EVOD, Mt3, CE4, V6 Globes, Emerald Herb Chambers, etc


Kanger EVOD VV Batteries are have a variable voltage, from 3.3V to 4.8V so you can run it higher or lower as you need. The variable voltage dial at the bottom of the battery allows you to increase or decrease the voltage rate at which the battery evaporates the e-liquid.


  • Vaping voltage is adjustable in 0.4V increments from as low as 3.2V to as high as 4.8V. To try a new voltage setting, just turn the bottom knob with a slight twist.
  • The Kanger eVod Twist has three distinct safety features. When a short circuit occurs, the battery will automatically shut down. When the voltage drops lower than 3.2V, the battery will immediately turn itself off. If you press the button for 10 seconds, the battery will go into locked mode to protect your atomizer.
  • As with all Ego batteries, press the button 5 clicks within 2 seconds to activate or deactivate the battery.


  • Battery Size: Diameter 14mm, Length 80mm
  • Battery Output Voltage: Variable 3.2V - 4.8V
  • Battery Capacity:1000mAh
  • Puff count: approx 1200 puffs
  • Charging time: 2.5 - 3 hours
  • Battery life: 300-360 charge cycles
  • Battery button led: White
  • Thread: Ego (CE4/510)

Charging: The EVOD VV battery can be charged with any eGo charging cable. The charger output should be 4.5V 420mah. We recommend the Kanger USB charger which has extra protection. The battery's button flashes 3 times and turn off when attached. When the battery is fully charged, the LED light on the USB charger will turn from red to green. Charging time: 2.5-3 hours

Important Notes:

  • This is not a kit - USB charger is sold separately.
  • The Kanger EVOD VV Battery has an Ego thread (CE4/510) and so is compatible with all Ego-series tanks including CE4, EVOD, Protank, Protank Mini.

Available Options:
Kanger EVOD Battery VV 1000mah (Ego Twist)
This product was added to our catalog on Tuesday 01 July, 2014.
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