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Mugwort herb [20g] $14.90

Natural health product, traditionally used as a relaxant and to enhance dreams

Mugwort (Artemisia Vulgaris) is a potent dreaming herb used to encourage deep restful sleep and amazing technicolour dreams!

Usage: Infuse one tablespoon of Mugwort in a cup of hot water for a relaxing tea. Can also be smoked alone or with other smoking mixtures for a dreamy high. Can also be placed under the pillow while you sleep to influence your dreams and astral travelling ability.

Warning: Do not use Mugwort if you are pregnant or intending to become pregnant.

Traditional uses: Mugwort effects nerves, circulation, stomach and uterus. Mugwort tea was used for colds, fevers, flu, insomnia, menstrual obstruction, pains in the bowel and stomach disorders. The tea is said to be excellent for nervousness, shaking and female complaints, such as suppressed menstruation and menstrual cramps. Mugwort was traditionally applied externally as a poultice for boils, carbuncles, abcesses and used as a bath additive for relieving tired limbs, gout and rheumatism. It was reputed to give walkers endurance if the leaves were placed inside the shoes. It was also carried in the pocket to prevent backache and to protect against poisoning and sun-stroke. Inn keepers once brewed Mugwort ale from the flowering tops. It is also used sparingly in stuffings for fatty game such as roast goose and meats in England and Germany.

Spiritual uses: Mugwort was the universal herb of protection and prophecy throughout the ancient world. Dedicated to Artemis and Diana, it was said to have powers of healing, psychic protection, assisted in inducing prophetic dreams, conferred psychic powers, increased strength, fertility and libido, and was used to assist astral projection.

In China Mugwort was hung over entrances to buildings to bar evil spirits from entering. In Japan bunches of Mugwort were used to exorcise the spirits of disease. It had a similar reputation in Europe and many tales were told of its secret healing powers being revealed by super-natural sources or by mermaids! In Ireland, Wales and England, Mugwort was held over the smoke of the bonfires on St John's eve to strengthen its powers before binding into garlands that were then hung over doorways to ward off evil spirits.  Just sleeping with a bunch of mugwort under the pillow was said to help achieve astral projection. Mugwort was also used in the purification and strengthening of magic ritual, burned with either fragrant sandalwood or wormwood before crystal ball gazing.

Mugwort herb [20g]
This product was added to our catalog on Friday 30 January, 2009.
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