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01.Pipe Screens 5-pack
02.Hempstore SharpTooth Ice Grinder 4pc 55mm
03.Hempstore Acrylic Grinder (3 piece)
04.Vaporite Platinum Portable 3-in-1 Vape/E-Cig Kit
05.10 Packs of Pipe Screens [50 total]
06.Raw Regular Hemp Plastic Rolling Machine
07.Vape Globe for e-solids waxes or herbs - Ceramic or Steel Nail
08.Raw Kingsize Hemp Plastic Rolling Machine
09.Medtainer - Medical Grade container with built-in Grinder
10.Sharpstone 4pc Medium 55mm Herb Grinder
11.Vaporite Quartz Portable Wax Vape
12.Glass batt (fumed)
13.Cloud Portable Vape (2nd Gen)
14.Titanium Domeless Nail: Male 2-in-1 fits 14mm or 18mm
15.Mr Bald T ceramic herb and wax vape
16.Quartz Domeless Nail 14mm or 18mm
17.Buddies Super Slick Balls - 3ml
18.Vaporite Quartz Globe Pack
19.Ceramic Domeless Nail: Male 2-in-1 fits 14mm or 18mm
20.Sharpstone 4pc Small 33mm Herb Grinder
21.Buddies Super Slick Ultra Mat - Small Duo
22.Sharpstone 2pc Medium 55mm Herb Grinder
23.Oil Slick Mini Balls [4 x non-stick containers]
24.Sharpstone Hand Crank 4pc Medium Grinder
25.Vaporite Platinum Plus - Carbon 3-in-1 Kit
26.Ceramic Domeless Nail: Female 2-in-1 fits 14mm or 18mm
27.Cloud Lightning Element
28.Kiln Ceramic Donut Atomizer for 510 Vapes
29.Sharpstone Push Clean 2pc Medium Grinder
30.Grinder Grease
31.Titanium Domeless Nail: Female 2-in-1 fits 14mm or 18mm
32.Cloud Tool
33.Oil Slick Pad non-stick
34.Skilletools Mr Dabalina
35.The Herb Iron
36.Baker's 3-pc Stainless Steel Wax Tool Kit
37.Sharpstone Pollen Press - 0.75" Small
38.Odor Trap Smell Proof Bags - 10cm x 20cm - 8pc Box
39.Oil Slick Duo non-stick pads
40.Proscale Slick Concentrate Kit and Scale 100g 0.01g
Pipe Screens 5-pack $2.00

5-pack of high quality stainless steel pipe screens.

We never use brass pipe screens.

Packs come as either:

  • Small 10mm diameter (for very small pipes)
  • Medium 15mm diameter (standard size - most popular)
  • Large 20mm diameter (for SAT's, large wood bowls etc)
  • Extra Large 25mm diameter (for Vaporite Whips)

Please specify your choice below.

Available Options:
This product was added to our catalog on Friday 13 April, 2007.
::  We Also Recommend :
10 Packs of Pipe Screens [50 total]
10 Packs of Pipe Screens [50 total]
TEXT_BUY10 Packs of Pipe Screens [50 total]TEXT_NOW
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Vaporite Platinum Original Portable 3-in-1 Vape/E-Cig Kit
Vaporite Platinum Original Portable 3-in-1 Vape/E-Cig Kit
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Focus Vape PRO
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