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01.2 x Quick Fix synthetic urine FREE SHIPPING
02.Quick Fix PLUS synthetic urine
03.2 x Quick Clear detox drinks by Spectrum Labs
04.Quick Fix - spare heating pad
05.3 x Quick Fix synthetic urine FREE SHIPPING
06.Quick Clear carbo detox drink by Spectrum Labs
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Quick Fix PLUS synthetic urine

Protect your privacy and medical history with Quick Fix Plus synthetic urine - the same great product in a larger 300ml bottle.


Beware of inferior copies and conterfeits - Check your batch number here

Quick Fix synthetic urine is New Zealand's top-selling urine testing solution. Quick Fix Plus is a larger 90ml bottle, which may be enough for two tests, or to ensure you have more than the minimum amount (60ml) for your test.

Quick Fix Plus is especially recommended if you don't know what type of urine test is being used, because Quick Fix Plus will beat any urine test! This specially formulated "NZ edition" of Quick Fix is unisex, undetectable, guaranteed, and has a 100% success rate right here in New Zealand.

Each pack contains:

  • 90ml (3 oz) bottle of Quick Fix pre-mixed unisex synthetic urine. This is more than the standard amount required for one test, in a small slim bottle that is shaped for discretion.
  • A heating pad to bring it up to body temperature
  • Built-in temperature reader
  • Pouring spout for lifelike delivery.
  • Quick Fix is the only synthetic urine made specifically for New Zealand and Australian conditions. Only Quick Fix comes with UREA which raises the Specific Gravity of the sample to that which would be expected from someone eating and drinking NZ food and water. No other brand includes this, and so may come back with a "too dilute" result, which would require a retest. Note to our overseas customers: this will not effect your test result. Quick Fix can still be used in other countries.

Follow the instructions enclosed in the pack, and remember you are always entitled to your privacy, even when giving urine samples.

  • Remember, the Australia/New Zealand/US Standards allow for EMIT or GCMS urine testing. Onsite 'screens' (such as First Step self testers) can can only be used if they are confirmed with a proper lab test, because they often show a 'false positive' for clean samples.
  • Quick Fix Plus synthetic urine will beat all types of lab urine tests, but because of the inherent unreliability of many cheap onsite screens they cannot be guaranteed to always beat them (as screens often return "false positives" for completely clean samples). In the extemely rare event of this happening, insist the sample is sent to the lab for proper analysis, and talk to your union if this does not happen. Quick Fix Plus will beat the lab test, which is the one that counts.

Urea vs Uric Acid

Other brands of synthetic urine may include Uric Acid, to fool you into buying them. Uric Acid is just a marketing ploy, it does not occur in urine, and is a sure sign of a shoddy product. Only Quick Fix by Spectrum Labs contains Urea. Spectrum has engineered Quick Fix and Quick Fix Plus with the necessary components such as Urea, creatinine and biocide, plus nitrite and uric acid free. Spectrum Labs is the inventor of synthetic urine, holds multiple patents, and over 25 years has sold millions of units - more than every copy-cat combined! 

Money Back Guarantee

Our special "NZ edition" of Quick Fix Plus synthetic urine has a 100% pass rate here. However if you are the first to fail Quick Fix Plus synthetic urine comes with a full money-back guarantee. As with all our drug testing solutions, any guarantee claim must be accompianied by proof of purchase and a copy of the official lab test results sheet, showing your name and date of test. Check your batch number here

** Note: Quick Fix Plus Synthetic Urine has been tested and is within the NZ Standard for Specific Gravity and other measures used to determine if a sample is 'real'. Insist it is sent to the lab for proper analysis. It will pass the lab test - guaranteed! **

Quick Fix PLUS synthetic urine
This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 10 November, 2010.
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