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01.Quick Fix Synthetic Urine
02.Sure Screen THC self-tester
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18.U-Test Single Panel THC Drug Screen - 50ng
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21.Test4 THC potency instant test kit (include 3 x tests)
22.U-Test 5 Panel Drug Screen Test - THC/COC/METH/OPI/PCP
Sure Screen THC self-tester $13.50

Test yourself before the big test

Sure Screen is a simple device to test your own THC levels, before you do the real test. If the result is important, you might want to check your levels. Sure Screen is a bit like a home pregnancy kit. It is easy to use with accurate results in 5 minutes.

The Hempstore's advisory note: 

Screens are indicative only - any fails must be backed up with a proper lab test (EMIT or GCMS). It is common practise to have people do a screen first, and only use the more expensive lab tests on people who fail the screen. If you pass the screen, there is no more testing performed. If you pass our Sure Screen, you will most likely pass the screen used for a drug test (however, screens can record false positives occassionally, which is why they must be confirmed with a proper lab test). If you fail the Sure Screen, you may need one of our drug testing solutions. 


  • Immunoassay screening technology for cost-effective testing
  • Hygienic approach to drug testing
  • CE Mark
  • Simple-to-use, quick testing period and accurate results
  • Performance measured against calibrated laboratory equipment

Test procedure:

Allow the test panel, urine specimen, and/ or controls to equilibrate to room temperature (15- 30 ° C) prior to testing.

1.Bring the pouch to room temperature before opening it. Remove the test panel from the sealed pouch and use it as soon as possible.

2.Place the device on a smooth and level surface. Hold the dropper vertically and transfer 3 full drops of urine to the specimen well (marked 'S') of the test device, and then start the timer. Avoid trapping air bubbles in the specimen well (S).

3.Wait for the coloured line(s) to appear. Read result at 5 minutes. Do not interpret results after 10 minutes.

How to interpret results:

• NEGATIVE (PASS): Two lines appear. One line should be at C and another at T. Note: the shade of the colour in the test line at T will vary, but it should always be considered as negative whenever there is even a faint coloured line.

• POSITIVE (FAIL): One coloured line appears in the control line region (C). No line appears in the test line region (T).

• INVALID: Control line fails to appear. Insufficient specimen volume or incorrect procedural techniques are the most likely reasons for control line failure. Review the procedure and repeat test using a new device. 

Technical guff:

SureScreen are certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 13485 to ensure the devices are manufactured and distributed with a quality-focussed approach, and this drug test cassette is CE Marked in accordance with 98/79/EC. The device yields a positive result when the concentration of marijuana in urine exceeds 50 ng/ mL. This is the screening cut- off for positive specimens set by the NZ/Australia Standard for urine drug testing.

This product was added to our catalog on Saturday 23 May, 2009.
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