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15.Urine Luck
Urine Luck

Urine Luck is the best solution for GCMS urine tests. GCMS tests are performed by ESR in Auckland and Wellington (NZDDA also sends their samples to ESR for GCMS testing, as do prisons and many large corporate employers, especially foreign-owned firms).

How it works

Urine Luck is two tiny vials that are added to the sample. One masks any residues by binding to the molecules and changing their shape so the GCMS machine does not recognise them. The second vial destroys any active ingredient that may be left over, making it undetectable. Some privacy is needed.


• Good solution for random situations as it is small enough to keep on hand
• Destroys all residues and metabolites on contact
• Completely undetectable — no Glutaraldehyde, Nitrates, Pyridine, or Chromates
• Tiny micro-vial with no mixing required
• Money Back Guarantee
• 99% satisfaction rate in New Zealand

Important notes

Remember to read and follow the instructions carefully, and do NOT drink too much water on the day of the test. Urine Luck takes up to 90 minutes for the active ingredients to all be mixed properly with metabolites and given enough time to neutralise them. This means it may not always beat an instant on-site screen, however Urine Luck will have worked by the time your sample arrives at the lab. On-site screens are not "final" and cannot be used as evidence - they must be confirmed by a proper lab test (EMIT or GCMS), and since this will take longer than 90 minutes Urine Luck will beat the lab test. 

Urine Luck
This product was added to our catalog on Thursday 07 August, 2008.
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