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Wormwood 5X extract [1g] $10.00 $12.00

Natural health product, tradtionally used for lucid dreaming and spiritual use.

Space Wormwood 5X is 5 times the natural strength of Wormwood, a plant from Eurasia and Africa that is used to make Absinthe and contains Thujone, which potentiates THC (ie, makes it stronger) and was traditionally used to invoke lucid dreaming.

Usage: Space Wormwood 5X can be sprinkled in with other herbs, or smoked in a small pipe. Introduce the flame to it gently, so it melts and bubbles. Add to a clear alcohol (eg vodka) to make Absinthe.

Contains 1 gram (approx).

This product was added to our catalog on Wednesday 24 August, 2011.
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